CrossFit WOD Marathon Training WOD
Deadlift – 5 @ 40%, 5 @ 50%, 5 @ 60%
2a) Barbell Hip Thrust – 4 x 12
2b) 4 x (1 Power clean + 8 Front Squat)
Band Sprints / Prowler Sprints / Dynamic Sled Pulls / Sledge Strikes / Battling Ropes – anything that you think looks kinda fun – 15 mins of shorts bursts of work

4-6 x 200m (1min rest)
4-6 x 400m (90sec rest)

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Many of us have to turn our feet out a bunch in order to get to full depth in the squat. While this is clearly functional, it’s not optimal. If you are having to spin your feet much past 15 degrees, chances are you are compensating for poor motor control, missing internal hip rotation, a tight anterior chain (quads, etc.), and stiff ankles. The further out your feet go, the less effective your hip rotators are at resisting the valgus forces created by the body (read: knees in). Somewhere between 5-12 degrees is sort of a magic area where you can still get to depth and create freakish amounts of torque.