Derby City CrossFit | Louisville CrossFit
Squat – 3 x 5+ @ 80%
RDL – 5 x 5
4 attempts at your best 800m run
(rest as needed b/t efforts)

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Alcohol vs. CrossFit

Big news from the past few days… first, Chad Wesley Smith of Juggernaut Training Systems asked us to be a part of the Juggernaut team, to showcase how CrossFit training can be programmed at a high-level. Check out Coach Ryan’s first training log entry for Juggernaut in his article “In The Beginning“.

Second, we did a little home improvement this weekend. Took out the plywood at the front-half of the gym, painted chalkboard-paint on one wall, added wood baseboards to the base of walls to stop them from getting banged up, better organized our belts & bands, took out the 1980’s tile at the entrance… just wait til you see it today. Let us know what you think.